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The Best Singapore Aircon Service

Trusted Aircon Services in Singapore

Welcome! Freezy Aircon is an aircon servicing company who’s based in Singapore. We have provided aircon servicing to clients for many years. We have a full set of air-conditioning services that hundreds of customers have tried and now rely on for their aircon units. Each service is done by our team of aircon technicians who have the skills to perform quality servicing.

What We Do

The complete aircon services we have at Freezy Aircon can cover your every need. Our services ate guaranteed to be the best and will always be on time

air conditioning contractor cleaning services with chemical

Aircon Standard Servicing

This is the basic servicing package used by users who frequently servicing their air conditioner. It is affordable and can be done within short period of time. First, our technicians perform a thorough check of your unit to see if its performing at a good level.

Quality Service for Our Customers

Following that is our standard aircon cleaning service to improve the current condition of your unit.

Aircon Repair & Troubleshooting

Too many times an air-conditioner breaks down due to damaged parts. Our technicians will be able to find that damaged part and replace it with a new one to allow the unit to run optimally again. We have a dedicate team to install aircon for you.

We Fix Aircon on Time

We will inform you with the needed replacement for transparency.

Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon chemical wash solution is best for old air conditioner which is never do quarter maintenance. This is paired with a full aircon overhaul to get those pipes cleaned thoroughly like they were brand new.

Thorough Cleaning is Guaranteed

The standard aircon cleaning service might not be enough for your old air-conditioner which is why we offered our very own aircon chemical wash solution.

Aircon Installation

With our service, you are assured that your new AC will be properly installed. We have a team that can make a full installation of all the proper aircon brands models in Singapore.

Setting Up Your Unit

We have a team that can make a full installation of all the proper aircon brands models in Singapore.

Some Words from Our Customers

“Our aircon broke down and we called Freezy Aircon to fix it. It only took a few hours and our air-conditioner was back up and running again.”

Mrs Sharon

“They have really friendly staff. Their technicians were skillful as well! So happy I found them on the web.”

Kelvin Loo

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