About Freezy

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Welcome! Freezy Aircon is an aircon servicing company based in Singapore. We have provided aircon servicing to clients for many years. We work on air-conditioners inside residential homes and commercial buildings. Our team of aircon specialists are dedicated to providing our clients with fast and friendly service, to make sure that your experience with us is always a breeze.

How we started

Living in Singapore can be a struggle for most, and that actually includes the air conditioning units. The tropical weather almost all year long constantly makes the AC work hard. In this set-up air conditioners tend to require more maintenance, and this is a need that we in Freezy Aircon has experienced for ourselves.

From our humble beginnings as a small company, we have now expanded our operations to the rest of Singapore. We do not just deliver the technical service, but also make sure that we are able to educate our clients along the way. Air conditioners that last longer is not only good for our pockets, but for the environment, as well. This is why we strive to extend our service to every client in Singapore and deliver freezy rooms and offices through well-maintained aircon.

Service Promise

Freezy Aircon’s primarily goal is to ensure that all air conditioning units across Singapore are performing in their optimal state through our professional services. Apart from the quality of our service, we also ensure to be up to date in various aircon servicing technology. So, when you choose Freezy Aircon, you are also guaranteed of the latest equipment and procedures to make sure that your AC unit is able to fully cool your room.

Customers can choose from the set of services that the company offers including aircon inspection and maintenance. If you suspect something is strange with your AC, make sure to contact one of our customer support team to book you an appointment. Through the years of being in the aircon servicing industry, our company also boasts of high response rate full all inquiries. You can reach us through various channels for booking appointments, quotation requests, and other related inquiries.

Our professional technicians always delivery quality repair work and cleaning services to our customers. We also have a team of aircon installers that can be hired to properly install any air-conditioning unit.