Aircon Chemical Vs Aircon Overhaul – Understand The Difference

An air conditioner is a pretty amazing machine. Even though you see them everywhere, most people never stop and think how wonderful this piece of technology is. After all, a small box-sized machine is capable of bringing down the temperature in an enclosed space in just a few minutes. However, at the end of the day, these are just machines and if there is one thing that all machines need, it is regular cleaning.

An air conditioner is not cheap. It is affordable but nobody would call it cheap. If you want the AC to last for the next 10 to 15 years and to ensure that its performance doesn’t dip, you need to ensure that it is regularly serviced and properly maintained. When you start researching the methods for air conditioner cleaning and maintenance, you will find a number of terms being mentioned on various websites as well as by professionals involved in this industry. Some of these terms might include chemical cleaning as well as air-conditioner overhaul. Most people don’t really understand the difference between different types of aircon servicing. In today’s article, we are going to take a look at the meaning of these different terms and what makes one different from the other.

When you consider the term chemical cleaning, you might picture a process where the air-conditioner is cleaned with the help of various chemicals but that is not what this process is. It is a lot different from general air-conditioner cleaning. When you hire the services of an individual for regular cleaning of your air-conditioner, you’ll find that they focus on cleaning the outer parts of your air-conditioner. This is where chemical cleaning is completely different from regular cleaning.

In case of chemical cleaning, the first thing a professional will do is take down the air-conditioner and remove all the important parts one by one including the water trays, fan coils as well as air filters. A lot of air passes through all these components and over a period of time, these components become submerged in dirt and dust. If these are not cleaned thoroughly, the accumulated dirt and dust on their surface will ultimately start affecting the performance of your air-conditioner. While regular cleaning should keep them relatively clean, chemical cleaning helps in ensuring that these are completely free of any dust and dirt accumulation.

A good quality chemical solution is used in this cleaning process and it removes all the gunk deposited on the surface of these internal components. Experts recommend chemical cleaning once or twice a year in order to enhance the service life of your air conditioning system and to ensure that it runs at optimum efficiency. Chemical cleaning will not only get rid of the gunk deposited on the surface of these components but will also help in reducing the probability of corrosion. In short, it is extremely useful as a preventive measure and ensures that your air-conditioner keeps working efficiently for many years to come.

Another method of servicing is aircon overhaul. It is a completely different method from the chemical cleaning detailed above. It is also used for repairing as well as servicing. If your air-conditioner has been working fine but it suddenly starts making loud noises or stops cooling or you notice water leaking from it or it completely stops working, which is the time when you might need aircon overhaul. Just like a car overhaul, it is an extensive process of servicing or repairing your air-conditioner.

In an overhaul, every single part of the air-conditioner is properly dismantled which means a trained technician will take down your air-conditioner and open it. They will then remove each component carefully. All these components will be thoroughly cleaned and if needed, repaired. If a component cannot be repaired or the cost of repair is close to the price of a completely new component, those will be replaced. If you’re not sure whether you need to choose chemical cleaning or an overhaul, consult with a trained and knowledgeable technician with many years of experience in the industry and they should help you choose the right method of servicing or repair.

In most cases, overhaul is recommended by experienced technicians in case some of the internal components are damaged such as blocked drain pipes, damaged coils or other such issues. Once all the components have been removed, every single component can be thoroughly checked and repaired or replaced, depending on what’s needed. It is important to mention here that after an aircon overhaul, you should have an AC that should work just like new.

As far as the price of chemical cleaning and aircon overhaul is concerned, the overhaul is obviously going to cost more as compared to the chemical cleaning process as it involves more effort and knowledge. However, for both these processes, you will need someone who has the proper knowledge, experience and training to safely dismantle the unit and safely put all things back together in order to ensure the proper functioning of the air-conditioner. Now that you are aware of the differences between air-conditioner chemical cleaning and air-conditioner overhaul, you should find it easy to choose the right method for maintenance and servicing of your air-conditioner.

Overall, both aircon chemical cleaning and aircon overhaul are methods of cleaning or servicing air-conditioners. Aircon overhaul is the preferred choice of experts when your air conditioner isn’t performing as it should and in order to replace any corroded or rusted components inside the air-conditioner. If there is a blockage in the drainpipe, an overhaul is the right servicing method. The biggest benefit of aircon overhaul is that it completely overhauls all the components leading to clean and cool air and it also helps in extending the useful service life of an air-conditioner.

On the other hand, chemical cleaning is preferred when AC hasn’t been maintained regularly leading to it being full of dust and grime that cannot be cleaned with the regular servicing. Needless to say, both these methods of cleaning and servicing are expensive and if you want to avoid spending a lot of money on chemical wash or overhaul, it is important for you to ensure regular servicing and maintenance of your air-conditioner unit. Call a professional once or twice a year to thoroughly clean and service the air-conditioner in order to enhance its service life and to enjoy trouble-free operation for many years to come.

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