Our Service Price

Our Service Price 2018-06-15T10:15:42+00:00

Basic Aircon Servicing

No. Of Unit
(with Condenser)
Our Cost
2 Units 55 SGD
3 Units 70 SGD
4 Units 85 SGD
5 Units 100 SGD
6 Units 115 SGD

Gas Top up

Gas Type Our Cost
R22 Gas 50-85 SGD
R410 Gas 60-150 SGD

Chemical Cleaning

Type of Fan-Coil: Wall Mounted Our Cost
Fully Dismantle Cleaning 130-180 SGD
Non Dismantle Cleaning 80-100 SGD

Troubleshooting Fee

Troubleshooting Type Our Cost
Standard Checking 50 SGD
Advanced Checking 80 SGD

Pricing Terms & Conditions

  • There will be extra charges for CBD locations
  • The cost only applies to HDB apartment and condominium. Additional charges may apply for office and landed residences area.
  • The cost applies to a single location and can’t share with multiple unit locations.
  • The cost may subject to change from time to time; please contact us to confirm the rate.

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