The Simple Troubleshooting Techniques To Find AC Problems

Determining the problem with your air conditioner can be a difficult task if you do not know where to look. Fortunately, there are a number of troubleshooting techniques that you can use which will help you find the problem with your unit. These techniques from professional aircon servicing company will cover the most common causes of problems and help you easily fix them.

Check The Air Filter

The most common cause of issues with your air conditioner will be a dirty and clogged air filter. This is why you should always check the filters first when your air conditioner has issues. You need to check for any dust accumulations and if there is any dirt in the filter. This can help you save more energy and your bill.

If you have pets, the air filters will become clogged faster as the hair and dirt they bring into the house enters the filters. You should also look at replacing your filters on a regular basis to avoid this. Replacing your filters will often remedy the problem that you are having with the unit.

Check The Air Flow

Your air conditioner will not be able to work correctly if the air flow is affected. If the filters are clear, you need to look at other areas where there could be a blockage. Supply vents are the first place that you should look as they can be blocked and disrupt the working of the unit.

If you have an AC system that works with vents in your home, you will also need to look at these vents. If there are blockages in the vents, the cool air generated by the unit will not be able to circulate. This could make you assume that there is something wrong with the unit itself.

Check The Compressor

The outdoor compressor of your AC unit has to be looked at as well. You need to ensure that the compressor does not have any dirt or debris blocking it. You also need to check if there are any plants or structures around the compressor that could be causing problems.

When the compressor does not have enough space around it or is clogged, the air conditioner will not get sufficient air flow. You need to ensure that there is at least 2 to 3 feet of space around the compressor. If there are plants growing in the area, you will need to remove them before they cause major issues for the unit.

Look At The Location

The location of your AC unit, as well as the thermostat, can play a role in how hard the unit has to work to cool your home. If you have a window unit which is in a sunny window, it will have to work harder to cool the area which might make you think there is a problem. Try and keep the unit shaded to reduce the work it has to do during the day.

The location of the thermostat is another point that you have to consider. If your thermostat is located in a sunny spot, it can be hard for it to register the correct temperature. This could lead to your AC cooling the air too much.


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