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We have a full set of air-conditioning services that hundreds of customers have tried and now rely on for their aircon units. Each service is done by our team of aircon technicians who have the skills to perform quality servicing. We have four main services that we’ll be describing below.

Aircon Standard Servicing

This is the basic servicing package used by users who frequently servicing their air conditioner. It is affordable and can be done within short period of time. First, our technicians perform a thorough check of your unit to see if its performing at a good level. Following that is our standard aircon cleaning service to improve the current condition of your unit.

Customers can avail of packages and we also have single rates for our services. You can hire us for aircon inspection and maintenance work separately. We also have package deals that allow our clients to save money. Big clients can avail of our maintenance service package which comes with an annual contract where we offer huge discounts from our standards rate.

Aircon chemical wash

Aircon chemical wash solution is best for old air conditioner which is never do quarter maintenance. The standard aircon cleaning service might not be enough for your old air-conditioner which is why we offered our very own aircon chemical wash solution. This is paired with a full aircon overhaul to get those pipes cleaned thoroughly like they were brand new.

Our technicians will apply chemical inside the unit to get the pipes and coil cleaned of hardened dust and other materials. Customers can be assured that our technicians have employed the necessary safety procedures to keep the chemicals from harming anyone.

This service is an advanced task that requires the skills of a professional. It is worth it because it not only frees up pipes and coils from too much clogging, but it also prevents water from leaking and rising electricity bill because you have a unit that’s working too hard due to clogging.

Aircon Repair & Troubleshooting

Too many times an air-conditioner breaks down due to damaged parts. Our technicians will be able to find that damaged part and replace it with a new one to allow the unit to run optimally again. They will inform you with the needed replacement for transparency.

All our aircon technicians are experienced and skilled allowing them to check a unit thoroughly for any damage or issues. They commonly encounter pipe leaks, damage AC coils, and clogging in AC pipes or vents.

They can fully dismantle your unit to do a full inspection and put it back together after the broken part is replaced. This will be followed by standard tests to ensure that your AC is running at full capacity again before they leave.

Aircon Installation

People buy air-conditioners all the time and many experience higher electricity cost and inefficient cooling because their air-conditioner wasn’t properly installed. With our service, you are assured that your new AC will be properly installed. We have a team that can make a full installation of all the proper aircon brands models in Singapore.

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